Phoenix Motorcars will be attending the California Transit Association’s 54th Annual Fall Conference & Expo in Monterey, CA November 13-15th.

The three-day event will bring together more than 800 industry professionals to discuss today’s transit issues. The conference will also feature insightful keynote speeches and discussions as well as networking opportunities.

In conjunction with Creative Bus Sales, Phoenix Motorcars will be displaying the ZEUS 400 Shuttle Bus during the Bus Expo and luncheon on Thursday November 14th.

If you plan on attending, please make sure to visit and follow us on Twitter at @goelectricbus for the latest.

Thank you, see you there

ACT Expo 2018 Recap

The Advanced Clean Technology (ACT) Expo earlier this month, brought out hundreds of industry leaders, engineers, fleet operators and stakeholders alike to the Long Beach Convention Center to discuss their shared commitment to advanced technology solutions. Phoenix Motorcars was among over 200 exhibitors in attendance at the expo which is considered North America’s largest clean vehicle event that showcases the latest transportation technologies, drive trains and clean fuels. Attendees were given access to over a dozen educational workshops, discussion panels as well as networking events and award ceremonies.



Launch of New Drive System E-200

We exhibited our Zeus (Zero Emissions Utility Shuttle) shuttle and introduced our new next generation high power drive system; the E-200. The E-200 drive system is 100% electric and compatible with the Ford E series. It has a 10% increased range and offers enhance torque and towing capacity. The E-200 also offers a new modular battery pack enhanced operational savings and dual charging ports.

  • 100% electric range, up to 130 miles on a single charge
  • Increased operational savings: drive 200,000 miles, save $130,000
  • Enhanced acceleration and gradeability
  • 0-50 mph in less than 16 seconds
  • 50 mph on 6% grade
  • Torque and towing capacity to match any conventional or alternate fuel vehicle



“With the unveiling of our new drive-system, the E-200, at the ACT EXPO, we have successfully alleviated several concerns such as, range anxiety and acceleration.” Joe Babuschak, Sales Executive here at Phoenix Motorcars said. “With more torque and power, we are able to go up hilly terrain with ease as well as 0-60 in under 16 seconds!! That along with new battery packs we are able to go up to 130 miles on a single charge!!”



LAWA Workshop Presentation

Phoenix along with WallyPark was invited to present during the LAWA Workshop at the ACT expo in front of 80 LAX operators. The presentation focused on the operation of the 30 Phoenix ZEUS shuttles at the Wally Park Facilities at LAX. Metrics such as mileage, routes, time of operation, cost savings and emission reductions were shared with the fleet operators. This was hosted by LAWA in order to introduce fleet operators to viable market ready Zero Emission Vehicles that they can use as part of their current fleets. LAWA is introducing new measures starting in April 2019 for fleet operators to switch over to Alternative Fuel Vehicles and preferably Zero Emission vehicles for their fleets.


WallyPark/Phoenix Fleet Award

This year at the Expo Fleet Awards, the Act Expo recognized 6 winners how have surpassed efforts in sustainability and maintained “clean” transportation operations. One such winner was our partner, Wally Park. Wally Park won the Leading Airport Fleet Award for being a leader in alternative fuel and advanced vehicle technology at airports.  Representatives from LAWA were there to accept the award on their behalf.



Overall, the ACT EXPO was a success and we enjoyed our time there. We look forward to next years show in April!